Why was the project that is being presented to the towns chosen by the building committee and MSBA?

After an extensive study by architects and a project manager working with the building committee, this project will most appropriately serve the projected enrollment of the district. It is also the most cost effective in terms of construction and operation from taxpayers. The project will permanently consolidate education facilities from four buildings to three. The current school building used for the middle school – Adams Memorial Middle School, built in 1952 – is in dire need of repair. Moving the middle school students (grades 6-8) into part of the High School building, with a small addition, will give them a separate program under the same roof, with first class facilities. For the high school students- grades 9-12- a thoroughly modernized and slightly expanded Hoosac Valley High School will provide students to both towns a state of the art academic facility for over half (7 years) of their education in the district. The project also addresses the on-going overcrowding at C.T. Plunkett Elementary and provides a consistent Pre-K–5 program in both elementary schools of the district.

Finally, it will reduce future operating costs of the district related to maintenance and capital outlay.

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