What about ALL sports programs – where would they go? fields? tracks?

During the construction and off-campus relocation all sports programs will remain intact. There are two different ways in which this will happen.

1. Adams has a number of athletic fields that will be made available for high school use as neccessary – currently the High School utilizes Renfrew Park, Reid Field and Russell Field for both JV and Varsity sports games and practices. This practice is expected to continue and these facilities use will be expanded upon as necessary. Further, Valley Street field will be made available for some additional usage and the Town is planning to approach the Church about the possibility of using the Polish Picnic Grounds in some capacity if needed.

2. One of the advantages of using the CM at Risk construction management delivery method is the control of project phasing. Due to this, it is expected that the athletic fields up at Hoosac Valley will be available in some capacity during various stages of the project. The project will take fifteen months, but the work being done on each of the various fields will not, and whatever is done on those fields will likely be scheduled in a way where the fields can be utilized during the necessary season, while the rest of the property is undergoing construction.
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