What are the plans for the Memorial School building? It make a big difference if the plan is to sell it and put on tax rolls or have it be a municipal property costing tax payers even more than the savings of the renovation.

This question is separate and apart from the School Building debate, as the MSBA has already indicated that they will not reimburse us for a project at the Memorial Middle School (AMMS), but it is important to ask nonetheless. Currently, the Town of Adams owns CT Plunkett and AMMS and leases them long-term to the School District. Once the building is completely finished being used as an educational facility (Projected Fall of 2012 if this project is approved), the Town will take over responsibility for the property. Within the community there have been two different perspectives of what to do with the facility, sell it or renovate it for community use.

This decision is far too large to be made by Town Government alone, and throughout the next two years the question will be analyzed and studied, likely by a Special Commission. In the final analysis, the Community will get the opportunity to weigh in strongly on what they would like to see happen with this property. The Town is fully aware of the public demand for expanded community resources, but also fully aware of the financial difficulty with doing anything like that at the AMMS.
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