50 Year Facility

The new facility will serve the community for the next 50 years:

  • Durable commercial grade materials will be used throughout new and existing areas of the facility.
  • Low maintenance materials will be used wherever possible.
  • Aging doors, frames and hardware will be replaced.
  • All existing windows will be replaced with heavy commercial grade thermal window frames with high performance glass.
  • The thermal envelope will be significantly improved with new insulation below the roof deck and at exterior walls.
  • More efficient modern mechanical and electrical systems with be provided with lower operating costs.
  • New equipment and appliances for the kitchen and specialized teaching areas.
  • New cabinetry for all classrooms, labs and vocational spaces.
  • Older classroom furnishings will be replaced.
  • Computer technology will be supplemented and the network system upgraded.
  • Deteriorating and unusable site facilities will be repaired and restored.