Green Technologies

The project includes numerous sustainable design features and Green technologies:

  • On-site renewable energy – up to a 200 kW Photo Voltaic System to provide “free” electricity.
  • Solar Thermal panels to provide “free” hot water. (Nov 2011 – this feature was removed in order to cut project costs)
  • Wind Turbine for educational purposes.
  • Reduced potable water consumption by 50% or more.
  • Rain water harvesting system for toilet flushing and irrigation.  Reduces storm water runoff and use of potable water.
  • Reduced energy consumption, significantly below current usage, and greater than current MA energy code.
  • Digital display of real-time electrical energy generated by photo voltaic and wind systems.
  • Regionally sourced woods, gypsum, and finish materials, recycled products, and low v.o.c. finishes will be used in the renovations and additions.
  • High efficiency replacement glazing with operable windows for natural ventilation.
  • Improved storm water management.

solar panel photo