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Hoosac Valley Concession Stand Dedication

Three years in the process and two years in construction was what it took to realize this project. It took the hard work of many local businesses and community members. If not for the very generous monetary gift from Adams Community Bank, Hurricane Pride would never have been able to move this project past the conceptual stage. In addition to ACB, special thanks are extended to Delmolino and Sons for the excavation work, Adams Plumbing for their donation of time, material and equipment, Canterella & Sons for the masonry, and Geary Builders for their design workup, permitting, and building assistance; in addition to numerous other local business donations. And to our dedicated community members led by John Burzimati, George Sweet and Bob Belini, who spent countless hours working on this project, Hurricane Pride personally “thanks” each and every one that was involved for their assistance.

Hurricane Pride “recognizes and thanks” local businesses and community members for their contributions and support. Click here for the list:

Hoosac Valley Concession Dedication 2015

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Concession Stand Update

Hurricane Pride is excited as the multi sport concession building is moving right along. Building completion for this year will be early to mid October with a dedication later that month. Stay tuned for more details.

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Multi Sport Concession Stand and Hurricane Paver Updates

Hurricane Pride is excited about the latest updates on the Hurricane pavers and our Mult-Sport Concession Bldg.

Our first set of pavers were ordered and installed this past month outside the Alfred W. Skrocki Performing Arts Center. Twenty-two pavers were ordered and installed, and they look awesome. This paver project continues with new pavers being requested. The paver cost is $100 and you have three lines of text with a maximum letters and spaces of 20/line. The paver form is located below on this site. Orders will be taken until March 31, 2015 for the next shipment of pavers.


The Multi-Sport Concession Bldg. is moving right along thanks to the more than generous donation from Adams Community Bank and the assistance of local businesses and community members. To-date the following businesses and community members have actively participated in the building’s construction:

  • Adams Community Bank
  • Adams Plumbing & Heating
  • Bob Belini
  • Cantarella & Son Inc.
  • Chris Walsh
  • Clemente/Fane
  • Delmolino & Sons, Inc.
  • Don Wright
  • EJ Prescott
  • Geary Builders
  • Granite City
  • George Sweet
  • Hurricane Football – Pete Barrow, Ian Hill, JP Levesque
  • Jack Driscoll
  • Jeff Warner
  • John Wohrle
  • Johns Building Supply
  • LP Adams
  • Ray Milesi
  • RI Baker
  • Richard Hill
  • S&A Supply
  • Sheds & Stuff
  • F.W. Webb

Without their dedication and support we would not be making the progress that we are. Once completed, the building will contain bathrooms, a center concession area with direct views to the football, soccer fields, and storage. This building will house all booster club concessions and school activities requiring an outdoor concession facility.

We will be looking for additional community support to help us continue the construction of this facility; please consider offering a couple of hours when help is requested. All of your support is greatly appreciated!

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DSC_0879 DSC_0885 DSC_0934 DSC_0938




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Construction begins on Multi Sport Concession Building at Hoosac Valley

Construction for the multi-sport concession building began the week of June 2. Thanks to the generous donation of Adams Community Bank, this concession building will service the football, soccer and baseball field areas along with field days as deemed needed. Plans include two access areas for servicing customers, restrooms and storage.

Anticipated completion is late summer early fall. At that time we will hold a formal dedication. Watch for construction updates posted on the HVMHS website and on Hurricane Pride.

Donations to these projects can be made by sending your check to: HVMHS, Attention Hurricane Pride – R Hill, 125 Savoy Road, Cheshire, MA 01225. For more information on either project, please contact Dayne Poirot @

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Paver Order Form

Paver Order Form (PDF) 

Hurricane Pride is a group of parents, student athletes, coaches, alumni, and community members that have come together to support the educational and athletic programs for Hoosac Valley Middle and High School. Our belief is that our future is with our children and we are focusing our efforts on the development of a strong body and mind for our youth. A well rounded child is a happy and successful future leader of our community.

Hurricane Pride has identified two projects they will be raising money: 1) equipment for our strength and conditioning room at the newly renovated middle and high school and 2) the building of a multi-use concession building. Both of these projects are not within the scope of the renovation project and have become the focus of this group. Our goal is $70,000 of which $29,500 will be earmarked for weight/training equipment and approximately $40,500 towards the building of the concession building.

The strength and conditioning room will be equipped with multi-use squat and bench racks with rubber platforms, rubber weights, glute ham developers, medicine balls, ropes, dumbbells, and soft impact Plyo boxes. This equipment will be available to all students so that they can condition within their own school. The concession will be available for use by baseball, cross-country, football, soccer, softball, and track and will have storage space and bathroom facilities. Donated building services are being sought for the construction of the building, but monies will be needed for supplies, plumbing, and electric. Donations to this effort may be considered tax deductible.

Our efforts will kickoff on July 9, 2012.Donations to these projects may be made through an online Pay Pal account or by mailing a check or money order to the high school c/o Hurricane Pride. Additional information is located at:,, and

Hurricane Pride will also be providing the opportunity to purchase inscriptions on the brick pavers that are part of the renovated arts entrance at HVMHS. The monies will also be earmarked for the strength and conditioning room equipment and multi-sport concession building. Order forms will be located at Hurricane Pride on Facebook and the District’s website.

A sample of the brick pavers will be available at HiJinx on July 30 at the Hurricane Booth. In addition to the availability of purchasing inscriptions on the brick pavers, the group will be planning a fundraising dinner event with more information to follow.

Monetary updates to our fundraising efforts will be posted on Hurricane Pride, Facebook and the school’s website so you can watch us grow.

Alumni, family and friends, please help support our efforts!

Paver Order Form

Regina Hill – Hurricane Pride Coordinator

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