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Building Committee Updates Us On Progress

The following update was sent from the Building Committee:

11/29/11  The project is moving along very nicely to the satisfaction of the Building Committee and our construction manager, Gilbane Building Company.  We are on budget and on schedule.  While labs and classroom spaces are being painted in the southwest corner of the building, new walls are being built in the east and north ends.  Demolition is virtually complete and the construction portion is well underway.  Heating and ventilation systems, plumbing, fire suppression systems, electrical and technology wiring, insulation, painting, sheetrock, window installation, and roofing over the additions are all going on simultaneously in various quadrants of the building.  We have been helped by the mild weather, but a number of temporary heaters have been installed in anticipation of the cold weather.  The field drainage work is nearly complete and we are already seeing their success on the football, baseball and soccer fields.

Our project, represented by Superintendent Al Skrocki and Building Committee Co-Chairman Howard Wineberg went before the MSBA’s November Board meeting conducted by State Treasurer Steven Grossman.  The MSBA unanimously voted to amend our Project Funding Agreement to allow us more flexibility in allocating the funds appropriated in our Total Project Budget.  While the total project cost remains the same and within the budget approved by the voters in Adams and Cheshire, the MSBA initially was very specific about allocating the funds to the various trades based on estimates for steel, roofing flooring, etc.  We had some bids submitted that were either higher or lower than we anticipated.  After a number of discussions and meetings with the MSBA, they agreed to allow us the flexibility to allocate their and our funds as needed to successfully complete the project.

As a result of the MSBA’s Funding Agreement Amendment, we officially accepted the Gross Maximum Price (GMP) that Gilbane submitted to the District on November 17, 2011.  Although progress by Gilbane and their sub-contractors was not hindered by the lack of a GMP, formal acceptance of the GMP is an important step that is required by the MSBA.

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