What will happen during the construction??

2011-2012 School Year –

  • 7th & 8th Grade at Notre Dame School
  • 9th-12th Grade at AMMS

Minor work will have to be done to each building to allow for 1 academic year but no major work will be undertaken

Construction Manager will work to possibly allow use of football field in Fall 2011, Gym in Winter 2011-2012 and for Class of 2012 Graduation

Relocating Students and Faculty During Construction:

  • By relocating students to the former Notre Dame School and the Adams Memorial Middle School during the construction period, the project schedule is compressed and costs associated with accommodating students during construction are reduced.
  • With the Hoosac Valley School completely vacated during construction, the renovations could be completed in 15 months as opposed to the 30-36 months estimated if the school is occupied.
  • The estimated budget for relocating students during construction is approximately $740,000.  Costs will include the lease of the former Notre Dame School, short term repairs at the Middle School, computer network relocation, temporary district offices, moving expenses, and other incidental  requirements.
  • Although relocation costs are ineligible for State reimbursement, the cost to local tax payers is substantially less than the cost of keeping students at Hoosac Valley.
  • Using alternative facilities during construction is not only the most cost effective phasing option, it is also considered the safest and least disruptive to students and faculty.

The Difficulty of Having Students Remain in the Building During Construction:

  • A multi-phase construction plan would be required if students remain on campus during renovations, adding up to 20 months to the schedule.
  • Phased construction would involve numerous additional work requirements including temporary partitions, supplementary mechanical and electrical systems and connections, temporary entrances and exits, and more.
  • The temporary work requirements and extended construction schedule associated with construction phasing would add significant cost to the project, which would be shared by the community.
  • Further additional costs associated with providing temporary modular classrooms on site would be entirely ineligible for state reimbursement.
  • The additional cost of occupying the Hoosac Valley School during construction could be $3 Million or more.

Even with the best Phasing Plan, occupants remaining on campus during construction would need to be prepared for disruption, noise, and inconvenience, while making due without full access to the facilities they are accustomed to.